Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Professor Barb Wixom in the News

The articles feature a survey Professor Wixom did on the state of BI in academia:

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Although business intelligence (BI) is one of the hottest areas of enterprise IT, college professors around the world say they face a variety of challenges in training the next generation of BI workers, according to a new study. Study author Barbara Wixom, an Associate Professor at the University of Virginia, received responses from 85 institutions worldwide. Her study has been featured in an article that appears on several news Web sites.

NY Times:



CIO Magazine:


UVA Teacher of the Year:

Barbara Wixom
Photo by Jane Haley
April 28, 2010 — Her students say Barbara Wixom has the extraordinary talent to make winners out of ordinary people. Her consistently stellar evaluations support this enthusiasm.
She teaches with a personal passion, tying the classroom to real-world experiences and engaging students in challenging ways. Her expertise is widely acknowledged by corporate leaders, as well as her own colleagues, and she shares these connections for the benefit of her current students and alumni.
"She is strong, intelligent, down-to earth and a great leader," student Sherrie Khambata said. "I consider myself fortunate to know her as a teacher, a leader and a friend."

Barb Wixom is quoted in the following story:

SAS OnDemand for Academics will be free to all university students and professors around the world starting this fall. Professors say the move – and model – will have a big impact on business analytics education.

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