Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June Reading List

List of new readings for June’s Reading List – all readings this month are from Forrester:

Forrester: TechRadar - Web 2.0
Forrester - Web 2-0 Tech Radar.pdf (1.494 Mb)
Forrester TechRadar™ For Vendor Strategists: Enterprise Web 2.0 by G. Oliver Young

Executive Summary
Vendors looking to sell into the market for enterprise Web 2.0 collaboration tools face a distinct landscape of technologies and ecosystem players. Navigating this maze will be critical to building long-term client customer value and profitable business. Tracking the maturity of enterprise Web 2.0 technologies is critical to timing strategic initiatives and tactical actions. In a careful examination of the marketplace and trends for enterprise Web 2.0 tools, we reveal that organizations find wikis valuable, forums stable (though underutilized) and blogging success mixed. Enterprise social networking tools stand ready to redefine workplace collaboration, becoming the major battleground in the fight to sell Web 2.0 tools to the enterprise.

Forrester: The Mashup Opportunity
Forrester - The Mashup Opportunity.pdf (510.269 Kb)
The Mashup Opportunity

Mashups — custom applications that combine multiple, disparate data sources into something new and unique — are coming to the enterprise. Forrester projects that the enterprise mashup market will reach nearly $700 million by 2013; while this means that there is plenty of money to be made selling mashup platforms, it will affect nearly every software vendor. Mashup platforms are in the pole position and ready to grab the lion’s share of the market — and an entire ecosystem of mashup technology and data providers is emerging to complement those platforms. Those vendor strategists that move quickly, plan a mashup strategy, and build a partner ecosystem will come out on top.
by G. Oliver Young

July 26, 2006
Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
Are Mainstream, But The
Landscape Remains Diverse
by Henry Peyret

Forrester surveyed 196 enterprise architects about their usage of enterprise architecture (EA)
frameworks. Fifty-five percent of companies use custom approaches; 30% use the Zachman Framework;
26% rely on a consulting company to supply an EA framework; and 16% use TOGAF. The survey suggests that firms lack a clear justification for picking any one EA framework. Forrester recommends choosing one of more than 20 pre-existing EA frameworks and tuning it to your organizational constraints and your EA objectives — depending on your enterprise’s EA experience, this is preferable to building a new one. After choosing a framework, make sure to evangelize its usage and justify the choice, as it will become one of the key communication tools for marketing EA.

August 1, 2008
Best Practices: Improving
EA Effectiveness
by Jeff Scott
for Enterprise Architecture Professionals

Creating an effective enterprise architecture (EA) practice is challenging and frequently elusive for EA teams. Architecture initiatives require broad organizational support just to get started and, once started, often have long investment cycles. Small budgets, technical complexity, organizational momentum, personal preferences, and expectations of quick returns are just some of the hurdles EA leaders must overcome. We found that EA teams that focus on adding value in real time gain higher levels of organizational support and produce more business impact than those that focus on architectural purity and future benefits. These successful teams exhibit a strong external focus on stakeholder alignment coupled with an internal focus on team development, which creates a powerful foundation for value delivery.

March 11, 2009
Enterprise Architects Are Not
Proving Their Value
by Jost Hoppermann
for Enterprise Architecture Professionals

Executive Summary
Forrester surveyed 140 firms and their enterprise architecture (EA) groups in October 2008 — after the financial market meltdown — to identify the trends regarding EA organizations, resources, and governance processes. We also wanted to find the hot architecture domains and determine how well EA works with the business. The overall outcome? EA groups are well positioned to operate in good times. But the survey indicates that they have to reposition themselves more for the bad times that are with us.

April 7, 2009
EA’s Next Evolution: Business-Centric Architecture
by Jeff Scott
with Alex Cullen and Mimi An

Executive Summary
Making the leap from technology-centric architecture to business-centric architecture might be
enterprise architects’ biggest challenge yet. Business architecture is not simply another enterprise architecture (EA) view. It is an entirely different way to think about architecture with its own set of goals, processes, and deliverables. Though the shift to business technology will be difficult, the rewards will be great. Business architecture will provide the major vehicle for aligning IT capabilities with business outcomes. A well-defined business architecture will provide new business insights, uncover unseen opportunities, and guide business investments to where they deliver the most value. CIOs should direct their enterprise architects to sharpen their business skills, increase their business interactions, and develop their business architecture road map.

M.S. Commerce Global Immersion Experience Blog

Some of you might have seen this already, but I thought you might be interested in the MS-Commerce Global Immersion Experience Blog. The students are currently in Copenhagen and Beijing and will be continuing to add updates as the China group travels to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, and the European contingent travels to Prague, Brussels and Western Denmark. Fun to see all they are doing and learning.

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Tips for Executives Re-entering the Job Market

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