Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MS in MIT Excellence Cup Results

This year we asked you to participate in the MS in MIT Excellence Cup Competition. Through your donations the MS in MIT Alumni were able to make a major impact on the McIntire School of Commerce's Annual Fund Goal of 3 million dollars and helped us to surpass our goal and eclipse last years's record.  (Read more here)   

I am so excited to share with you today our big winners: the Class of 2010! This group of leaders will enjoy a tailgate party before the Louisiana Tech game (Details to be announced) as well as the coveted Excellence Cup that will be presented at the tailgate. The Excellence Cup will travel to events for photo opportunities and shenanigans with the Class of 2010.   

Congratulations on being one of the top donors to the MS in MIT Excellence Fund this year. 
Ms. Lila E. Behrens '10
Ms. Debi E. Crockett '05
Mr. Kenneth R. Knapp '04
Mr. Karl J. Maschino '06
Mr. Mark R. Messersmith '03
Mr. Christopher D. Porter '10
Mr. Chris M. Twomey '10
Mr. Steven J. Weiskircher '02
Ms. April K. Wiggs '08

Through their generous donations and pledges for future support this group of alumni have won two tickets each to the McIntire School of Commerce Suite for the Louisiana Tech Game in Charlottesville on Saturday, September 29.  

Here are our final numbers:

$64,756                 Total Cash
$85,073                 Including pledges

Class Breakdown
Class                      Alumni                  # Donated           Percentage
2011                       68                           9                              13.24%
2010                       71                           21                            29.58%
2009                       78                           11                            14.10%
2008                       70                           8                              11.43%
2007                       69                           8                              11.59%
2006                       72                           14                            19.44%
2005                       75                           16                            21.33%
2004                       84                           9                              10.71%
2003                       80                           16                            20.00%
2002                       39                           8                              20.51%
2001                       45                           7                              15.56%
2000                       30                           5                              16.67%
Pre-2000               220                         20                              9.09%

Thank you all for your help and hard work during this campaign.  Your generosity is overwhelming.  Thank you. 

Thank you to everyone who donated:  

Mr. Graig Galef '89
Mr. Dwight J. Gibbs '90
Mr. Boyd Harter '91
Mr. Robert A. Justus '92
Mr. James Bryant Meyer '92
Mr. Lee Kenyon Polisano '92
Ms. Elizabeth Roark '93
Mr. Wheeler Wood  '93
Mr. Michael J. Young '93
Mr. Eric K. Olson '93
Mr. Richard P. Hawks '94
Mr. Robert Blackburn  '95
Ms. Linda Conklin Walton '95
Ms. Jennifer K. Dixon  '96
Mr. Stuart T. Evans '96
Mr. Eric E. Meier '96
Mr. Matthew Brian Lineweaver '96
Mrs. Ashley A. Skatoff  '96
Mr. Christopher T. McGarrigal '97
Mrs. Joyce H. Evans  '98

Class of 2000
Mr. Naveed Sami
Mr. Joshua R. Baumann
Mrs. Caroline M. Beeman
Ms. Deborah R. Harvey
Mrs. Elizabeth Flippo Hutchins
Ms. Elizabeth J. Inge

Class of 2001
Mr. Ian K. Gordon
Mr. Steve Hambric
Mrs. Rebecca B. Hotze
Mr. Douglas E. Keating
Mr. Mark S. Molnar
Mr. Herbert Lee Walke III
Ms. Kecia B. Ware

Class of 2002
Mr. Pavan K. Marpaka
Mrs. Sarah Burditt McDougall
Mr. Patrick L. McNamee
Mr. Domenic A. Pappagallo
Mr. Donald M. Taylor
Ms. Rhian Verity Thompson
Mr. Steven J. Weiskircher
Mr. Theodore W. Woods

Class of 2003
Mr. F. Rod Benson
Mrs. JoAnna Winston Bergeron
Ms. Deborah Gore Cassidy
Mr. Robert D. Dallen, Jr.
Mr. Jeff Elgin
Mr. Charles Henry
Mr. Tony L. Lin
Mr. William B. Littreal
Mr. David A. Meredith
Mr. Mark R. Messersmith
Mr. Derek J. Nisco
Mr. Brian S. Roberts
Mr. Edward T. Sawyer
Mr. Donald E. Wyatt
Ms. Laura Young

Class of 2004
Mr. David V. Burke III
Mr. Edward Chang
Ms. Diane Enroughty
Ms. Susan Gerock
Mr. Edward Joseph Hutchison
Mr. Kenneth R. Knapp
Mr. Chad Massie
Mr. John E. McDonald III
Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan

Class of 2005
Mr. Jonathan J. Alboum
Mr. Brian C. Baucom
Mr. Robert Cimperman
Ms. Debi E. Crockett
Mr. Alfonso Davila
Mr. Daniel J. Holohan III
Mr. Winston Gerald Howard
Mr. Joseph Lahr
Mrs. Joelle Rowley Lyons
Mr. Jahan Moghadam
Mr. Jamie Newell
Mr. Stuart O. Shibaro
Mrs. Anja Sparenberg
Mr. Mehul P. Vora
Mr. David B. Wright

Class of 2006

Mr. Mark A. Bienz
Mr. D. Beau Burris
Mr. Brian J. Bush
Mr. Charles Campbell
Mr. Scott Day
Mrs. Teresa Duvall
Ms. Susan Goubeaux
Ms. Michelle K. Hales
Mr. Craig B. Haverback
Mr. John C. Hill
Mr. Karl J. Maschino
Mr. Bradley Nix
Mr. John P. Reynolds
Mr. Jeffrey R. Shauer

Class of 2007

Ms. Natanya N. Blackwell
Mr. Jason S. Brewer
Ms. Deborah M. Brumitt
Mr. Danny C. Hickman
Mrs. Tracy L. McNeil
Mr. John M. O'Brien
Mr. Pinakin R. Patel
Ms. Kay M. Robinson

Class of 2008

Mr. Jeffrey P. Baker
Mrs. Shanita R. Brackett
Mr. Robert A. Diggles
Ms. Kathleen M. Doswell
Mr. Kenneth G. Duffau
Mr. Michael N. Price, Jr.
Mr. Craig D. Robles
Ms. April K. Wiggs

Class of 2009
Mr. Reid Badgett
Ms. Huda Bazyan
Mr. Ryan D. Casey
Mr. Christian E. Contreras Sedamanos
Mr. Stephen C. Covert
Ms. Theresa D. Cull
Mr. Eric G. Malguy
Mr. Warren A. Prescott
Mr. Thomas J. White
Ms. Cherice N. Wicker
Mrs. Sandra Mae Wood

Class of 2010 – The Winning Class!
Mr. Hossam H. Behery
Ms. Lila E. Behrens
Mr. John P. Boehman
Mr. Alessandro D. Bucelli
Ms. Mary S. Dahill
Mr. David L. Duncan, Jr.
Mr. Stephen W. Herrick
Ms. Katherine H. Kim
Ms. Olga Kipnis
Mr. Wade M. Little
Mr. Douglas D. Lott
Mr. Matthew C. Makai
Mr. Sean E. Mowen
Mr. Suhas Naddoni
Mr. Edward S. Piskura, Jr.
Mr. Christopher D. Porter
Mr. Stephen Romanoff
Mr. Sagar Samant
Mr. Ronak R. Sampat
Mr. Arin Walter Sime
Mr. Chris M. Twomey

Class of 2011
Mr. Aaron Boggs
Mr. Marvin J. Boyd
Mr. Michael Danjczek
Ms. Carolyn B. Dixon
Mr. Shaun Allan Farrell
Mr. Ricardo Pardo
Ms. Kathryn M. Rowell
Ms. Rachel L. Sondag
Mr. Brian P. Trimm

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Hour Thursday, July 12

Upcoming Events

Thursday, July 12
Champps in Reston (
11694 Plaza America Drive, Reston

Proving that nobody has more fun than the MS in MIT from the Comm School we have another happy hour. The Class of ’09, led by Christie Nader, has put together this Thursday night Happy Hour. Join us!

As events are added I will include them on the M.S. in MIT Alumni Group on
Linked In, Twitter and here on the Blog.