Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Upcoming 2009 Events

May 16th, Saturday – Graduation Dinner Reservations at Maya and Shebeen, contact Nicole Fitzwater if interested

May 17th, Sunday – Graduation and Breakfast in the Grad Lounge for M.S. MIT NoVA 08 and Cville 09

M.S. MIT Golf Fundraiser – May 21st, Thursday, 2:00 pm Shot Gun Start, Spring Creek Golf Course, Encourage Alumni and Friends to Play!

June 6th – UVA Reunions Weekend

June 11th, Thursday – Big Easy Study Break during Residency, Rouss & Robertson Halls

July 21st, Tuesday – Women’s Event hosted by Barb Wixom, “Croquet & Tapas” at her home in NoVA, 4:00 – 8:00 pm

July 25th – Cville Summer Picnic for students and alumni and M.S. MIT Cville 2004, Five-Year Reunion

August 8th – NoVA Summer Picnic for students and alumni and M.S. MIT NoVA 2004, Five Year Reunion

Sept 18th, Friday – NoVA M.S. MIT Golf Fundraiser, 2:00 pm, Shot Gun Start, South Riding Golf Course

October 23rd, Friday, Fall Forum

Oct 29 - 30 – Second Annual Knowledge Continuum

October – M.S. MIT Tailgate and Football Game TBD

Jan 23 – Winter Warming Reception Bechtel Conference Center

Career Services – “Marketing Yourself and Knowing Your Brand” – Exercises to help participants identify a succinct way of selling themselves by summarizing their hard and soft skills. The workshop will also cover using social media as a way to market this brand to potential or current employers. Date TBD.

Article co-authored by M.S. MIT Alumni and Board Member, Doug Keating: Best Practices: Portal Strategy and Implementation

Doug Keating co-wrote an article that was recently published in a national magazine. Here is a link to the article:


Professional Development Support for M.S. in MIT Alumni

Please check with your employers about potential hiring opportunities (full-time and summer) and let Nicole Fitzwater, Fitzwater@virginia.edu or Amanda Flora, flora@virginia.edu, know to support M.S. MIT Alumni with their search.

Technology Ladder link from Career Services: “12 Daily Practices to Boost Your Hire-ability”

For those of you who do not to subscribe to Technology Ladder, here are some useful tips if you are currently looking for a new position:


Professor Stefano Grazioli Receives All-University Teaching Award (April 15, 2009)

University of Virginia Honors Great Teaching, please see link below:


May M.S. MIT Alumni Reading List

List of new readings for May’s Reading List:

1. Adventures of an IT Leader (Hardcover)
by Robert D. Austin (Author), Richard L. Nolan (Author), Shannon O'Donnell (Author)

2. Johnson et al., “Reinventing Your Business Model,” Harvard Business Review, December 2008.