Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Career Services Update

Included in this newsletter are alumni profiles, links of interest, and words of wisdom from the staff at Commerce Career Services; each month, we’ll have important information for MS in MIT students. Please let us know if there is a topic you would like us to cover!

1. Alumni Profile

Jason Williamson (MS in MIT ’12) – Client Advisor, Oracle. (Raleigh/NYC/Boston). Embedded in C-Suite of two clients, performing Management Consulting.

1) What were your expectations of the MS MIT degree as you were going into the program?

I expected to get an integrated approach to strategic IT management. I was looking for a program that would prepare me to operate within the leadership circles of a firm where the intelligent application of technology could be strategic advantage. I can tell you that what I am learning module to module has been extremely relevant for me and my clients. I also expected that the work would be challenging. You can certainly immerse yourself as deep as you want. A lot depends on what you know coming in and what you want to improve upon. Finally, I expected to
broaden my knowledge and exposure to other industries through the interactions with my cohort. An unexpected bonus was that I have found that we learn as much outside the class from each other as we do from the class setting and module projects. The beautiful part of that is that it will continue many years beyond the program as we form lifelong friendships.

2) Are you expecting to make a career change during or soon after finishing the program? That elements of the program are helpful in making this change?

Having done a few startups in my career and now being in a position to assist my clients in new business ventures and major initiatives I am in that great space where I am content in the present with a watchful eye on the future. Both the U.Va. experience and brand have already returned dividends within my current role, both for me personally and for my clients. For those of us within the program that are looking at a career change, our network of classmates, alumni and faculty continue to be huge assets for testing the waters, seeing was is out there and even brokering new opportunities.

3) What advice/words of wisdom do you have for current or future MS MIT students who are considering either a job change or career change now that they are working towards the MS MIT degree?

Be patient. Just like a running back, you need to let the play develop before you make a move and don't be afraid to take a risk. Learn how your new and growing body of knowledge and U.Va. family can help you find that right next step. The IT career field is very open right now and hiring. Don't forget that there is room for entrepreneurial efforts as well. Pragmatically speaking, wait until graduation if you can because the rigors of the program will make a new job that much more challenging.

2. Articles of Note

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3. Career Advice 2.0 – Words of Wisdom
From Aaron Gilley, Assistant Director of Career Development

At this point in your academic and professional lives, networking is a concept that may be oversold and underdeveloped. While the business of connecting with like-minded individuals and future employers is always important, the opportunities may seem limited. That’s why local and regional networking are so important! From local groups like Rotary, Kiwanis, and Junior League to professional organizations like Virginia Society of Professional Engineers and National Center for Women & Information Technology, there are ways to network without having to schmooze it up with the same VPs and former classmates that can make networking more of a chore than an opportunity. Memberships in these organizations can give you valuable professional information, introduce you to individuals who can assist you in your career development, and bring you a way to speak about the things you enjoy most about your profession. While time consuming for members, professional organizations are a fantastic avenue for networking and growth.

4. We’re Here to Help

Commerce Career Services is always available to assist you with your career development needs. Whether you’re actively seeking new employment or simply learning how to network within your
current company and/or industry, we have tools to assist you in the career development process! We’re available for in-phone, video, or in-person appointments. We can also answer your questions through email if you’d prefer. Please don’t hesitate to contact Kelly Eddins (keddins@virginia.edu) or Aaron Gilley (gilley@virginia.edu) with any questions you might have. Good luck!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Exciting Update

I share with you exciting news from Stefano! ~Aimee

Dear Alumni,

I hope this message finds you well and that 2012 is off to a great start for you. During this time of year the MSMIT students are working on their capstone projects and looking forward to graduation. I am sure that you remember how rewarding that work was, and that you are proud of your U.Va. degree. It involved a significant investment of resources, time, hard work, and passion. It is part of your intellectual history and of your professional credentials. Most importantly, it makes you a member of the MSMIT network and the larger U.Va. community.

Because of your connection to our program, I write today to bring you some good news. The faculty and I feel a duty to protect and grow the value of your investment. While the program in many ways is getting incrementally better every year, this year we have made a change that will increase the profile of your degree. The Northern Virginia section of the MS in MIT is moving to a new and significantly more prestigious home. The new location is the 23rd and 24th floor of the Waterview Conference Center in Arlington. It is a recently built facility designed by New York-based Pei Cobb Freed & Partners - the firm responsible for the expansion and modernization of Paris’s Louvre museum, with stylish interior design by California-based Gensler & Associates. The Center is located at the Corporate Executive Board building, 1919 North Lynn St., Arlington, VA 22209.

We are very excited about the move. The Center has two excellent u-shaped, tiered classrooms which are ideal for the highly interactive classroom discussions that characterize our program. The dining space for the program participants features floor-to-ceiling windows with sweeping views of the Potomac and the city. Students and faculty will enjoy faster and better IT resources.

For the incoming MSMIT class, the 2012-2013 academic year will begin in August. We changed the starting date of the program to better fit the lifestyle of our participants. Both the Charlottesville and NoVa section now last one year, with a graduation date expected for July 2013. Synching the two sections opens up opportunities for the two classes to meet several times throughout the year, which in turn means that all students will have significantly better opportunities to network with other professionals, exchange experiences, and socialize.

Of course, you are invited to be a part of this happy moment in the history of the program. We are planning an opening reception for all alumni, so that we can show off the new location and let you meet the NoVa class of 2013 – specifics will follow. Spread the word. I look forward to seeing you there!


Stefano Grazioli
Academic Director, M.S. in Management of IT
McIntire School of Commerce
University of Virginia