Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alumni Resources

We want to make sure you all know about the resources we have for our alumni. Please see below for more information regarding our alumni directory, jobs, career services, and listing of social media connections.
Please let us know if you have any questions! Thank you again for your support!

McIntire Alumni Directory and Jobs Blog
The McIntire alumni directory and jobs blog is live on our website (www.commerce.virginia.edu) under the Alumni tab.

McIntire Alumni Directory
Need to look up alumni contact information or update your own? Please use our McIntire Alumni Directory.
*Click on contact us for your user name and password.

Jobs Blog
Does your organization have an opportunity to post or looking for a new opportunity? Please use our Jobs blog or email me the job description to post.
Click on the Alumni tab
Click on Jobs

Career Services
McIntire has two Assistant Directors of Commerce Career Services to work specifically with graduate students and alumni. Please contact Kelly Eddins at kae5y@virginia.edu or 434.924.5670 for any assistance or questions.

Social Media Connections:

Please visit the below site to join the MS MIT LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter groups etc:


D.C. Career Fair

McIntire is once again teaming with MyWorkster.com and several other universities to execute an alumni-only career fair in Washington, DC on June 9. It will take place at the George Washington University Charles E. Smith Center, 600 22nd Street NW, from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Last year’s event was very successful, with over 70 employers and hundreds of alumni from several top universities participating.

**If your company is hiring, please take advantage of this opportunity to connect with experienced professionals from a variety of industries! More information and employer registration is available at: http://dcemployer.eventbrite.com/. Employer registration ranges from $250 (non-profit) to $500 (for-profit), and sponsorship opportunities are available.

**If you are job searching or considering a transition, this is an excellent opportunity to meet representatives from top DC-area companies. To register as a job seeker, visit: http://recruitdcalumni.eventbrite.com/.


Thank you for all of your support and for joining M.S. MIT ONE. During the month of March we had 284 M.S. MIT Alumni join and support the School. From the 284 alumni we raised a little over $30,000 + an additional $28,400 ($100 match) for a grand total of $60,000 for the program. This does not include all of the company matches we are working on collecting. Thank you!

For more information please visit:

April Reading List

The new readings that have been assigned for orientation (May) include:

1. Vance, A. (2011, March 3). The cloud: Battle of the tech titans. Businessweek.
2. Rivkin, J. (2010). Revitalizing Dell. Harvard Business Publishing.
3. (2011, March 19). Hollywood's disc problem: Video nasty. The Economist, 23.

New data books that may be of interest: