Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Upcoming 2009 Events

May 16th, Saturday – Graduation Dinner Reservations at Maya and Shebeen, contact Nicole Fitzwater if interested

May 17th, Sunday – Graduation and Breakfast in the Grad Lounge for M.S. MIT NoVA 08 and Cville 09

M.S. MIT Golf Fundraiser – May 21st, Thursday, 2:00 pm Shot Gun Start, Spring Creek Golf Course, Encourage Alumni and Friends to Play!

June 6th – UVA Reunions Weekend

June 11th, Thursday – Big Easy Study Break during Residency, Rouss & Robertson Halls

July 21st, Tuesday – Women’s Event hosted by Barb Wixom, “Croquet & Tapas” at her home in NoVA, 4:00 – 8:00 pm

July 25th – Cville Summer Picnic for students and alumni and M.S. MIT Cville 2004, Five-Year Reunion

August 8th – NoVA Summer Picnic for students and alumni and M.S. MIT NoVA 2004, Five Year Reunion

Sept 18th, Friday – NoVA M.S. MIT Golf Fundraiser, 2:00 pm, Shot Gun Start, South Riding Golf Course

October 23rd, Friday, Fall Forum

Oct 29 - 30 – Second Annual Knowledge Continuum

October – M.S. MIT Tailgate and Football Game TBD

Jan 23 – Winter Warming Reception Bechtel Conference Center

Career Services – “Marketing Yourself and Knowing Your Brand” – Exercises to help participants identify a succinct way of selling themselves by summarizing their hard and soft skills. The workshop will also cover using social media as a way to market this brand to potential or current employers. Date TBD.

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