Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Reading List

List of new readings for November’s Reading List:

Maria Villar, “Establishing Effective Business Data Stewards,” BI Journal, 14(2) 2009.
TDWI Research Report, “Data Governance Strategies,” 2008. www.tdwi.org
TDWI Research Report, “Operational Data Integration,” 2009. www.tdwi.org
Archived webcast: http://www.bettermanagement.com/seminars/seminar.aspx?l=15174 The Great Debate: Gut Instinct vs. Analytics (video interview): Malcolm Gladwell, Author; Tom Davenport, Author and Distinguished Professor, Babson College

Barb Wixom’s podcast regarding her work with the Teradata University Network and upcoming Business Intelligence Congress:


Meet 'The Fixer' for Troubled IT Projects

Consultant Jason Coyne shows up at your IT project for one reason: To cure it or kill it. In this Q&A with CIO.com, Coyne explains why he's one part doctor, one part marriage counselor, and how he helps IT teams at odds with a vendor or integrator recover from near disaster.

"...the CIO should have a dual background. A CIO needs to have deep understandings of both the technology and the business. Balancing the two sides is essential because it likely is not enough to lead an IT organization, especially a large and complex one, without any relevant IT experience. Moreover, CIOs in this position may find themselves struggling to find the right perspective to inspire and lead IT managers, analysts, and developers. "


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