Friday, August 6, 2010

M.S. MIT Program Anniversary

M.S. in MIT Program Celebrates Anniversaries with Gala Weekend of Educational, Social Activities

Celebrative events to be held Oct. 28-30, 2010

McIntire’s highly acclaimed Master’s in the Management of Information Technology (M.S. in MIT) Program marks two milestone anniversaries this year, and celebrations are in order. 2010 heralds the program’s 20th birthday, as well as the 10th birthday of its popular executive-format option.

“This year marks 20 years of innovation, leadership, and success in graduate education at McIntire,” says Ryan Nelson, Professor of Information Technology and Director of McIntire’s Center for the Management of Information Technology. “We look forward to celebrating the program’s remarkable achievements with the many M.S. in MIT alumni, faculty, and friends who have contributed so much to the program for two decades.”

Activities for Everyone
The anniversary celebration will include a wide variety of activities, from which alumni are free to choose. The weekend celebration will kick off with the Third Annual Knowledge Continuum Executive Residency, to be held Oct. 28 and half of Oct. 29 in Rouss & Robertson Halls. Speakers will include M.S. in MIT faculty members Peter Gray, Stefano Grazioli, Mike Morris, Ryan Nelson, and Barb Wixom, among others.

“Lifelong learning is so important to our alumni,” says Wixom, who also serves as Director of the M.S. in MIT Program’s Northern Virginia section. “We felt that a celebration of the M.S. in MIT Program wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of a leading-edge educational component.” The Knowledge Continuum is a two-day executive residency designed to provide alumni of McIntire’s M.S. in MIT Program and other IT professionals with a continuation of their academic learning experience.

The Knowledge Continuum’s academic portion will be punctuated by an evening of alumni networking, cocktails, and dinner, to take place Oct. 28.

This year’s Knowledge Continuum will include participation in a Center for the Management of Information Technology (CMIT) program, which will be held the afternoon of Oct. 29 in Robertson Hall. The CMIT event will feature presentations by industry experts, and will be followed by a second networking, cocktails, and dinner event, open to all M.S. in MIT alumni. Stay tuned for further details on the CMIT speakers.

Finally, all M.S. in MIT alumni are invited to attend an alumni tailgate event Oct. 30, followed by a group outing to the U.Va.-Miami football game.

Come One, Come All
“We’re looking forward to a wonderful celebration of the M.S. in MIT Program’s 20 years of achievements,” says Nicole Fitzwater, McIntire’s Director of Graduate Alumni Development. “We invite all M.S. in MIT alumni to join us at any and all of the events taking place Oct. 28-30.”

If you have questions about the upcoming M.S. in MIT anniversary weekend, contact Fitzwater at 434-982-5623 or

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