Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Reading List

List of new readings for September’s Reading List:

Get More From IT – for Less

Agile Leadership and Management of Change: Project Lessons from Winston Churchill and Battle of Britain, by Mark Kozak-Holland (speaker at next CMIT program): http://www.lessons-from-history.com/node/15

“Emerging Outsourcing Models Require New Sourcing Tactics,” by Bill Martorelli, Forrester Research, April 16, 2009.

RFPs the Agile Way: http://www.ddj.com/architect/218101915

PMI ISSIG Webinars:
o A Project Management Primer for Software Testing & Quality, Robert Galen (January 29, 2009)
o Work Breakdown Structures – Development and Use, Michael E. Thorn (available beginning August 27, 2009)

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