Thursday, November 20, 2008

25 Alumni Attend NoVA Happy Hour

We had 25 alumni attend the Happy Hour last night – 28 including Barb, Matt and myself. Thank you so much! I met so many new faces and it was great to see everyone again. Next happy hour is 12/9, Tuesday…in Arlington..I have had a lot of requests to host one there.

Now for the class tally’s:
First place with eight alumni – 2008
Second place with six alumni – 2007
Tie for Third with four alumni – 2006 and 2009
Three from the 2005 class

I am working on planning a Caps and possibly a Wizards game too! I’ll keep you posted.

I had two inquiries about bricks, we are still doing them. Please just let me know if you are interested. They are $250 and email me what you would like engraved.

Please see the below link to make a small donation/gift to the School online to help me cover the bar cost from last night.

Thank you for your continued support!

Have a great day and Thanksgiving next week!

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